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    The machine screw is a straight shank part designed to bind metal to metal by going through an opening pre-tapped to form the same configuration as the threads of the machine screw. The thread runs the entire length of the shaft. Most machine screws do not have a point, ours' included, although a header point model does exist.

    InStock Fasteners' machine screws come in ten head styles, and unfinished or zinc-plated machine screws. Machine screw drive styles include slotted, Philips, combo, and unslotted. The combo drive may offer the best grip and smoothest insertion.

    When a nut is used, with a machine screw, instead of a pre-tapped hole, the combination is known in some circles as a stove bolt. In truth, given its threading, the fact that the machine screw does not cut its own threads, and that it usually does not come with a point, the machine screw is actually a bolt.

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